A Conversation with Dr James Gomez

Professor Mohan Dutta sits down with CARE Activist-in-Residence Dr James Gomez of Asia Centre, a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to create human rights impact in the South-east Asia region.

Follow the link below for the in-depth interview of the academic, former politician, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee!

White Paper Launch with Dr Sue Bradford and Professor Mohan J Dutta

The transformative capacity of collaboration between academics and activist offers a pivotal anchor for local-national-global resistance. In the white paper on academic-activist partnerships, Dr. Sue Bradford and Professor Mohan Dutta draw from their journeys in academia and activist organising to examine the intersections, synergies, challenges to, and lessons for academic activist partnerships. Questioning the meaning of collaboration and the nature of collaborative spaces in social change, the authors offer a conceptual framework for collaboration that joins in solidarity with the struggles of the oppressed.

You can read the White Paper by clicking the link below:

Follow the link below for our final Activist-in-Residence video with Dr Bradford:

A Conversation with Dr Sue Bradford

In the latest video of our Activist-in-Residence video series, Professor Mohan Dutta, Director of CARE, sits down for a one-on-one interview with Dr Sue Bradford and talks about her life in politics and activism.

Watch this compelling interview by following the link below!

CARE Activist in Residence: Public Talk by Dr. Sue Bradford- Live Streaming

Wednesday 3rd OCTOBER, 2018, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm


GLB3.08 | Geography Building, Manawatu campus | MBS1.42 Massey Business School Seminar Room, Auckland campus | 5D12 Communication Lab, Wellington campus

Mediasite: https://webcast.massey.ac.nz/Mediasite/Play/491fa9258f244193a9172fb0fefc9f9c1d

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Sexual Violence on University Campuses: Communication Interventions

CARE Series on Sexual Violence

Drawing upon the fieldwork carried out by the research team, and based on our academic-activist collaboration with Braema Mathi, CARE is releasing a series of White papers. The first White paper is positioned as an advocacy brief for social change communication addressing sexual violence on University campuses globally. The paper outlines communicative practices for addressing sexual violence on University campuses as well as communicative strategies for advocacy directed at bringing about change.

Sexual Violence on University Campuses: Communication Interventions


[DAY01] Communication for Social Change: Intersections of Theory & Praxis

Earlier this year, CARE held its first conference “Communication for Social Change: Intersections of Theory & Praxis”  and it was a successful turnout. We had high profile speakers, conference participants from around the region and community members to grace the event and everyone learnt a lot from the 3 days of sharing knowledge and experiences with one another. In case you missed it, here are some recordings for the first day of the conference. Watch this space for the recordings of the rest of the days.


Introductory Talk by Conference Chair

Disrupting Sites of Power : Lecture Demonstration and Performance for Social Change

Dialita Performance