Marise Lant

Marise Lant is a Maori Leader, Lobbyist, and Indigenous Rights Protector, as well as the Founder of the 250 Years of Colonisation the Aftermath Group that led the Protest and the burning of the Union Jack in Opposition and response to the 250 Year Replica Endeavour arrival to Gisborne on 8th October 2019.  She is also known for her work on Maori Land Rights,  taking the charge on the Te Ture Whenua Reforms to the Waitangi Tribunal which became (Wai 2478) that produced the 2016 report “ He Kura Whenua Ka Rokohanga” it was later taken forward to the United Nations, and as a result recommendations were made by the United Nations to the New Zealand Government. She is a current Maori Claimant to the High Court battling Maori Customary Rights on the Takutai Moana Act, (Foreshore & Seabed) She has represented on “Te Ohu Whakatika” which later produced the report, “Inaia Tonu Nei”  a Maori group that provided a forum to empower Maori Voices in the conversation on Criminal Justice and Incarceration. She continues to advocate alongside many community groups on issues relating to Suicide, Methamphetamine, and Maori Incarceration.  Previous Chairperson of the Tairawhiti District Maori Womens Welfare League, A Representative on the Tairawhiti District Maori Council, and supporter of the Tairawhiti Multicultural Council.

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