CARE has been responding to COVID19 through our community advisory groups, community workshops, and community researchers. The communities we have been working in have been creatively developing a wide range of interventions, advocacy, and activist solutions. Please click the link below to explore our policy briefs, white papers, and interventions addressing COVID-19 based on the key tenets of the CCA.


New Zealand shows the way (Image Source: NewstalkZB)


India’s Underclasses and the Depravity of Our Unequal Societies

CARE COVID-19 White Papers

Issue 6: Infrastructures of housing and food for low-wage migrant workers in Singapore

Courtesy Julio Etchart as part of CARE’s “Respect Migrant Rights” campaign in Singapore

Issue 5: Challenges To Seeking Health Information And Healthcare Among
Low Income Communities Amid COVID19

Issue 4: COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Package

Issue 3: The limits of the “Singapore Model” in COVID-19 response: Why authoritarian governmentality is not the solution

CARE White Paper Issue 3 April 2020
CARE White Paper Issue 2 March 2020