Low-wage migrant workers in the construction industry form a vulnerable segment of Singapore’s population. This group faces many problems, including adjustment to a foreign environment, poor living conditions, and exploitation by employers. These problems lead to a whole host of health issues such as inaccessibility to health care. This research aims to create opportunities to work with foreign construction workers to solve the health issues that they face. Problems are identified and solutions are developed by migrant workers themselves.

“Respect The Food Rights of Workers” Documentary. Filmed June, 2015



Singapore Was a Coronavirus Success Story—Until an Outbreak Showed How Vulnerable Workers Can Fall Through the Cracks by Hillary Leung, TIME

Image: Residents are seen in a purpose-built migrant workers dormitory that was designated as an isolation area in Singapore on April 18, 2020. Ore Huiying—Getty Images

Researchers reveal COVID-19 concern for Singapore’s migrant workers by CARE

Image: An image of a worker from CARE’s migrant worker project in Singapore. Copyright CARE.

Source: Massey University

‘We’re in a prison’: Singapore’s migrant workers suffer as Covid-19 surges back

by Rebecca Ratcliffe, South-east Asia correspondent, The Guardian

Image: A migrant worker living in a factory-converted dormitory in in Singapore. 

Photograph: Edgar Su/Reuters

‘We’re in a prison’: Singapore’s migrant workers suffer as Covid-19 surges back

by Rebecca Ratcliffe, South-east Asia correspondent, The Guardian

Image: Foreign workers wearing protective masks queue for free meals in Singapore .

Photograph: Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Singapore Was A Shining Star In COVID-19 Control — Until It Wasn’t by Jason Beaubin, Global Health and Development Correspondent, NPR

Image: Singapore is seeing a spike in coronavirus cases among its hundreds of thousands of migrant workers. Above, a volunteer from a nonprofit group talks to migrant workers now confined to a factory that was converted to a dormitory as part of the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Photograph: Ore Huiying/Getty Images

Coronavirus: Singapore migrant worker dormitories still hot topic as Covid-19 cases rise

by Kok Xinghui in Singapore and Bhavan Jaipragas in Hong Kong , South China Morning Post

Image: A migrant worker looks out from a window of his Singapore dormitory. Photo: AFP

Migrant Worker Cluster: A Singapore Nightmare by Athira Nortajuddin, The Asean Post

Image: Residents queue for food at the Tuas South foreign workers dormitory that has been placed under government restriction as a preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore. (AFP Photo)

Covid-19 Singapore: A ‘pandemic of inequality’ exposed by Yvette Tan
BBC News

Additional reporting by Krithiika Kannan, graphics by South Asia Visual Journalism

More than 9 in 10 Bangladeshi foreign workers say they are given unclean and unhygenic food: NUS survey by Joanna Seow Manpower Correspondent , The Straits Times

Image: The interior of a food catering company which prepares food for Bangladeshi workers. Over nine in 10 Bangladeshi migrant workers here are given unclean and unhygienic food to eat from caterers, a new survey has found. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

White paper

Food Insecurity and Health of Bangladeshi Workers in Singapore: A Culture-Centered Study

Structural constraints, voice infrastructures, and mental health among low-wage migrant workers in Singapore: Solutions for addressing COVID19

Infrastructures of housing and food for low-wage migrant workers in Singapore