CARE Public Talk: Freedom and/or Justice? Tensions In The Liberal Paradigm for Regulating Harmful Speech by Prof. Cherian George

Join us for Professor Cherian George’s Public Talk at the Business Studies (Central) Building, Massey University, BSC B1.08 COMMS Lab. Or join us virtually via the Livestream on our social media platforms.

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The norms and institutions of democracy and human rights are on the back foot around the world. They clearly need to be strengthened. This work has been disrupted and delayed not only by democracy’s opponents but also from within. There are recurring, divisive debates within liberal democracies concerning how much society should tolerate discriminatory speech. This talk searches for guideposts to navigate the contested terrain between free speech and social justice.

Cherian George is a professor of media studies at Hong Kong Baptist University’s School of Communication, and the director of its Centre for Media and Communication Research. His books include Hate Spin: The Manufacture of Religious Offence and its Threat to Democracy (2016); and Red Lines: Political Cartoons and the Struggle against Censorship (2021).