Strengthening Refugee Voices in New Zealand by Dr Murdoch Stephens & Professor Mohan J Dutta

CARE is proud to release the White Paper “Strengthening Refugee Voices in New Zealand” by Dr Murdoch Stephens & Professor Mohan J Dutta.

The attached white paper – The state helps the refugee speak: dialogue, ventriloquism or something else? – on the funding of refugee voice organisations was prepared between November 2018 and April 2019. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on two Mosques in Christchurch on 15 March 2019 the need to address the issue of refugee support organisations becomes acute as they a significant role in the representation of many Muslim citizens in New Zealand. Specifically, the lack of funding for organisations that are tasked with connecting with refugee communities and representing those voices to government, media and the public undermined the ability of these organisations to respond after the attacks. We particularly note the absence of “democratic communication infrastructures” owned by refugees for representing their voices in New Zealand. (Stephens and J Dutta, 2019)


Strengthening Refugee Voices in NZ

by Dr Murdoch Stephens & Professor Mohan J Dutta

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