Not Part Of My World- An Anti Racism Initiative

Center for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE) @CAREMassey

& Carncot School @CarncotSchool


NOT PART OF MY WORLD – Anti-racism Initiative

NOT PART OF MY WORLD – Anti-racism Initiative by @CAREMasseyNZ & @CarncotSchool.

CARE have teamed-up and worked on an anti-racisim project with Carncot School and here are a few glimpses of the project. via @YouTube

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Project Synopsis:

Across the globe we see the rise of racism. Especially concerning is the way in which hate is used to produce violence. It is in this backdrop that the Center for Culture Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE) collaborated with Carncot School to create a project that
sought to help us understand the problem of racism and more importantly create ways of addressing racism. So it really is my privilege to introduce these short snippets for you
that highlight the work done by the students at Carncot with the support of the principal Dr. Owen Arnst.

What you will see in these videos are the ways in which students think about the world of racism, the world of hate and the dialogues they open up through their invitation to connect
to build relationships and to imagine a better world that is free from hate. What happened as part of this project is that the students worked in small groups to first understand
the problem of racism within the context of their comfort zones.

They thought about their comfort zones and what really makes them feel comfortable within these zones, then they
grappled with the idea of difference, what does it mean to recognize difference and what does it mean to relate to difference. Once they grapple with these two questions of
comfort zone and difference they then created an anti-racist campaign that highlighted this idea that racism has no place in our world.

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