Publication News: Prof. Dutta’s Mohan J. Dutta: A Culture-Centered Approach to Radically Transforming Creative and Cultural Infrastructures.

at ST PAUL St Curatorial Symposium 2019: It’s as if we were made for each other

Source: Deborah Rundle, Made for Each Other, 2019. Photo: Sam Hartnett.

About ST PAUL St Curatorial Symposium 2019:

This is the eighth in a series of symposia for ST PAUL St that have been concerned with artistic and curatorial practices as they relate to knowledge production, exhibition-making, and relational commitment. It has been our privilege to be a part of the ST PAUL St Symposium almost every year since its beginning in 2012 as attendees or contributors, and to convene it this year together. The lasting impression of the series, and the experiences with which we have been coming and going and our reasons for returning, is what we hope to bring to the fore this year. The 2019 Curatorial Symposium extends the core concerns of sociability in the 2019 ST PAUL St exhibition How to Live Together, which was guided by the coupled question: What is the intimacy we must develop to create a community? What is the distance we must maintain to retain our solitude?

The programme over the following two days is facilitated by Te Kawehau Hoskins and Alison Jones, Mohan J. Dutta, artists Fiona Amundsen and Pallavi Paul, and regenerative practitioner Lucy-Mary Mulholland.

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