CARE- Activist-In-Residence- Sangeetha Thanapal- 27th February-1st March at Manawatu campus

Kia ora koutou,

As we begin this new semester we are pleased to announce that we have 2019’s First Activist-In-Residence at CARE

from 27th February-1st March at Manawatu campus.

Our theme for this semester for our Activist-in-Residence series is “Anti-racist Interventions!”

Our first activist-in-residence is the Singapore activist Sangeetha Thanapal, whose work on Chinese privilege has

intervened into the racist structures of Chinese imperialism. Here is a link to her website:

























She was recently interrogated and issued warning by Singapore Police for her anti-racist work under the colonial anti-sedition law:

Prof. Mohan Dutta  will be working with Sangeetha to share some of CARE’s ongoing work with racist structures that marginalize

Indians in South-east Asia and strategies for race-based activism. She will be presenting a Public Talk, Workshop and Whitepaper during her residency at CARE.

More event specific details to follow shortly.

Click on the url link for media related articles on Sangeetha Thanapal

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